New Day Fitness with Tammy Crowley-Deloatch is a state of the art health and wellness training facility. Voted Best in the Roanoke Valley!!!

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Chef & Personal Trainer, Tammy Crowley-Deloatch

Tammy has 35 years of experience helping people and has owned and operated a local gym/fitness center, New Day Fitness, for those 35 years.

A Little Bit About Me:

My passion is to help people reach their personal health and wellness goals whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, learning how to move more, training at the gym or in your home, or getting competitors conditioned for a show. I also offer rehab training after an injury or surgery. One of my other passions is cooking & meal prepping!

You might ask, what makes you different, Tammy? What makes you qualified to do these things? That is a great question! To answer that question, let me just tell you what my credentials are: I have a Degree in Sports Management, I’m a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and a Nationally Certified Sports Nutritionist. I also have Certifications in: Active Aging, Zumba Strong, Bungee Fitness, CrossFit Training, and Pilates Rehab AND this past year, I became a Certified Fitness Chef!!

I have received several awards that I think will help you understand myself and my business better: Young Entrepreneur of the Year- 1999, Woman of the Year- 2008, Woman of the Year- 2016, Voted Best Personal Trainer in the Roanoke Valley Choice Awards 2009-2018, Voted Best Fitness Center in the Roanoke Valley Choice Awards 2009-2018, and World Record Bench Press- 2018. I have also competed in Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Competitions!

I have traveled internationally for the last 20 years to other countries teaching and training people around the world about exercise and the importance of eating better. I have been to Romania, Ireland, Vanuatu, Honduras and Nepal. I think pouring back into our community and other places/cultures is not only important but necessary! One of my favorite trips was when I got the opportunity to go to Nepal. Not only was I able to help people learn about exercise; but also, spend time with girls that had been rescued from the border of India and Nepal. They had been the victims of Sex-Trafficking. I was asked as a representative of New Day Fitness to come back and plant fitness centers in Kathmandu to give these girls a place to work and prevent them from becoming victims again.

Our goal and vision is to pour back into our community and the world!!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me. I hope you will come visit me and say Hello at New Day Fitness!

Since starting the silver sneakers class at New Day Fitness, I am much more aware of my body, how I move and my posture. As a result, I no longer take pain medication for my back!

Sam R.

I am so much more healthy and strong since working with Tammy and her staff!

Henry W.

Meet our team

Mandi Bullock

Body Transformation

We focus on helping you achieve the whole health aspect of life. We help achieve changing you physical and diet part of your life where you can be focused in be healthy! Yes, you will lose weight but you will also know how to eat better!

What's New!! - Check out our new Health Coach and Nutrition Program!

Health Coaching program will help you with your goals! We can health you with weight loss, healthy diet, fitness, mental health, weight gain, and ect. We are here to help!

Roanoke Rapids Community

Proud Trainer here at New Day Fitness!! Willie asked me to help him with his diet for his upcoming contest! Look at him!! He stuck to exactly what I asked him to do!! Look at his Transformation!!

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